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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Wireless NES & Super NES controllers


Very impressive! This guy is making wireless NES and SNES controllers using the same remote 2.4 Ghz technology that the Gamecube Wavebird uses. So far I've purchased the SNES controller limited edition and it's very impressive. Below is my report on them.

The SNES controllers are quite ergonomic, they redesigned it so it's not flat but rounded and very comfortable to grip. The remoteness of it as far as i can tell was excellent I was playing super mario all stars from the back hall i had my head around the corner to watch the TV and my body and controller were both pointed in the opposite direction and it was all working great. I also tested them out on Super Street Fighter II. I was extremely impressed with the game play! I was able to pull off harder moves with great ease. After years of playing Street Fighter Alpha 2 on the Saturn the SNES versions have felt somewhat choppy in movement, but the wireless controller makes the game just as fluid as the Saturn Alpha 2 version. If every console was wire free like this it would be so frikkin awesome.


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