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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Music makes the difference.

To prove my point that music makes the difference i'll compair two games that are essentially the same except for some minor cosmetics. Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver. Essentially the game mechanics are the same, the controls are even the same for the similar actions of moving things and attacking. Basically both games have the almost identical concept, except one is of a poorly done, supposedly hot chick (which only appeals to 12yr olds or total losers) and the other one one has a dead undead vampire. I dispise Tomb Raider, always have, always will, it's dull, slow and boring. So logically if Tomb Raider is that then Soul Reaver should be as well right? WRONG! Soul Reaver had a good music score which brought the game to life quite well, it helped set the mood oh so well. I remember when i first played Tomb Raider, which also just happened to be the only time I played it as well *L*. The game felt so flat, an i just couldn't get into it, i felt disconnected with the character, and i couldn't build up any kind of emmotion, simply because the lack of music. It was dull, drab, depressing garbage. It took me a few days of playing Soul Reaver before i realized why it gave me a feeling of De Ja Vu. Then it hit me. THIS IS TOMB RAIDER!!! After the repetitiveness of moving blocks sunk in i saw the considerably warped mirror image of the two. What was funny was the fact that even after i realized it was simply a copy with cosmetic changes I kept cheerfully and zealously playing. Why? Because the music made me identify with Raziel, I felt his desire for revenge, and I wanted to aid him along the way. So music does make the difference. If you don't believe me see if you can scrounge up a copy of Tomb raider and Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver. See if the game concept isn't painfully copied, and then see which one you like better ;).


  • I could never get into Tomb Raider either, and not just because of the lack of music (thought that was a major issue for me as well). The controls sucked, the environments sucks and the overall game just, well, sucked. I could never understand why male gamers were so attracted to Croft, though I'll be it had something to do with the gigantic octagon shaped melons attached to her chest. I remember in the 90s, every time another crappier TR game was released the fanboys would go wild over rumors of a "nude" code. Ugh. Just get a girlfriend or some Playboys and a box of tissues.

    By Blogger Josh Nickerson, at 11:01 AM, January 16, 2005  

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