Old School Vs. New School

Saturday, August 20, 2005

This is why I don't get excited about emulation.

Emulation can be a wonderful thing for the casual game player that wants to waste a little time having fun, or someone that's curious to play an old/rare game. I even use emulators and roms, but I don't find them very satisfying.

I love Lightening Force (Thunder Force IV) on the Sega Genesis, it's one of the greatest space shooters of all time, so a few nights ago I was feeling lazy and instead of hooking up the Genny I simply downloaded the rom and an emulator and started playing it. The first emulator was horrible, not only was the music of really crappy quality but the GFX were also terrible. So I tried the rom on another emulator. The GFX came out great, and I would say the sound was about 60% to 80% accurate depending on the song and situation. It's not 100% accurate though and that takes away a lot from the game in my opinion.

I don't think emulation should be totaly ignored simply because it can't give a 100% perfect experience of how the game was, I just don't reccomend it as a replacement for using your old consoles. When I'm bored and feeling lazy I'll definately play a rom, but in the end nothing will win out over my consoles.

On a side note if you're looking for a place to get emulators or roms why not check out these two sites.




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